Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A book I started....

(On Earth, in the not so distant future.)

Where all things used to live and grow with verdant life, they are now marked only by barren steel and concrete.  Where most men have become obedient and controlled by the new Laws of the Land, there are but a few that still fight for the Old Ways and stand their ground!  Many are laid dying in that very act, right now.  Fighting for what used to live, for what used to breathe, and for what used to invigorate and inspire them, is all many have left.

They are the self-proclaimed New Citizens of the World, but their numbers are growing thin with every newly waged war.  Like the wild animals they are seen to be, who once roamed and conquered the barbaric world, they have now to be tamed and enslaved, or be made by extinction.  The stage of the Old Era, as all call it, has been set for destruction, but the memories have given them hope, and revenge has inhabited their souls.

As The New World Order rules with an iron fist and immortal weapons, a new inspiration is borne.  Since the War to End All Wars ended, the struggle for triumph or servitude has begun.

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